Our Year in Review: Lessons Learned

As we wrap up 2018, I want to use this time to reflect back on this past year. We have endured and triumphed through what I was sure would take me clean out...


Adventure Time @ South Carolina Aquarium

  Hey there my fellow mommas! It has been a while since I have been able to dedicate some real time to our blog. In my defense mommin’ really aint easy…life has been sort of a rollercoaster trying to juggle everything. I, personally, despise rollercoasters. I mean, why would any sane person put their life… Continue reading Adventure Time @ South Carolina Aquarium


Our Visit to Buckingham Palace

If you were turning 6 and lived in England you’d celebrate your birthday at the Buckingham Palace…right?? Well that is where Kayla decided to bring in her birthday. I mean who wouldn’t want to visit this place. The pictures on the internet were fascinating and the stories that I have heard over the years were… Continue reading Our Visit to Buckingham Palace