Momma & The Girls

I’m NeShama. Active Duty Air Force Spouse and mommy to two AH-MAZING girls! Some of my favorite things include crafting, scrapbooking, reading health literature, pinning on Pinterest, scrolling on Instagram and binge-watching Netflix. I am a millennial but definitely a classical girl who LOVES old-school music.

      Kayla is my adventurous lover of ALL things. She aspires to be a President and sometimes a firefighter…how we will combine the two will definitely prove to be fun! My favorite things about her would be her passion for others, her dancing skills, and the way she loves her beautiful locs!

When I prayed for a boy (for the 2nd time) God smiled and gave us Addy. I’m sure somewhere between conception and birth I inhaled a slew of glitter and pink pixy dust. When she is not trying on my shoes, I can find her playing pretend princess while singing whatever song she heard last on the radio. Her dream is to become a clothing designer but it changes to being a princess on any given day.