Our Year in Review: Lessons Learned

As we wrap up 2018, I want to use this time to reflect back on this past year. We have endured and triumphed through what I was sure would take me clean out! The first half of the year was spent in Charleston, South Carolina while I completed my Masters Degree in Public Health. We made it to May and the girls were able to see me walk across the stage in Lynchburg, Virginia at my commencement ceremony! While there we celebrated Addy turning 5 years old. During this most of this process, we were separated from my husband which added another level of stress but alas we survived.

Kayla and Addy had to enroll in new schools, we lived with my in-laws, I borrowed one of my cousin’s cars; Life was just very different. The feeling of defeat was imminent. I was uncomfortable. If anything helped to keep me afloat, it was the joy and content that the girls found in being completely surrounded by family. Only thing is I was clouded with such horrible memories of family, the only place I wanted to be was away from everyone, tucked up under the covers. Time passed, and I got into a groove making the days pass faster. I grew to enjoy this new, temporary normal. I embraced each day for what it was and began to see the small blessings that I had failed to recognize since I got to Charleston.

To make the most of our time, we took small trips and had numerous adventures. One of the adventures included our trip to the aquarium in Downtown Charleston. The biggest adventure for the girls was taking part in their first summer camp! It was a lot of fun and Kayla learned many lessons regarding friendships and grace during the 8 weeks she was there.

August came around and it was time to go head back to England. We settled and prepared to begin the school year, again with the girls at a new school. They have since adjusted well and now have new blossoming friendships that continue to make my heart smile. Although this year was not picture perfect we made the most of the cards that were dealt, and I am so thankful for each person that helped to make this possible. 2018 has taught the three of us two important lessons:

  1. Life is hard and unpredictable – problems and changes are inevitable, it is up to us to realize that life will always be life. We have to accept that and use it as a challenge to overcome and be prepared for the things that we will never be able to predict.
  2. We are resilient and so capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for.

These are lessons that we hope to carry into the new year as we enter our last year in England.

What are some lessons that you’ve learned in 2018 that you are going to try to live by in 2019???

So here is to 2019! TwoGirlsandaMomma is looking forward to new opportunities, abundant blessings, and numerous adventures!


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