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15 Questions about Momma


Time for some fun! During one of my numerous Pinterest binging sessions I came upon some ideas around mommy and me activities. Now that the girls are getting older and communicating much more with me, I figured a questionnaire would be doable.

This one caters to the girls answering questions about me!

The thing about kids is that they answer so honest and those answers can either make you feel warm and fuzzy or worst-case scenario, inadequate. So, I took a chance! I want my girls to continue to feel safe to talk to me about anything regardless of how I feel about the situation. This questionnaire was the perfect warm-up exercise.

Here are the questions with their darling responses…

1.   What is something mom always says to you?

K: Remember to put on lotion and deodorant

A: Stop touching Kayla

2.   What makes mom happy?

K: Hugs and kisses

A: Helping you move things

3.   Which book, movie, or tv show character is she?

K: Sunny from Nick Jr.

A: Weather girl (from local news channel)

4.   What makes mom sad?

K: When your feelings are hurt

A: Talking to your family

5.   What is she really good at?

K: Doing hair

A: Working on your ‘puter (computer)

6.   What is she not very good at?

K: I don’t wanna answer that…

A: Cleaning by yourself

7.   What makes you proud of her?

K: How you take care of us

A: Using my big girl words

8.  What do you together the most?

K: Math

A: Playing CookieJam and cards

9.  How are you the same?

K: Our hair!

A: We are both girls

10.  How are you different?

K: I talk ALOT

A: I am a little girl and you are a big girl

11.  How do you know mom loves you?

K: You give us lots of hugs and kisses

A: You give me hugs

12.  If she had a million extra dollars what would she do?

K: Buy books and a new house

A: Buy chapstick, earrings, and vegetables

13.  What is her favorite thing to do?

K: Watch TV

A: Work

14.  What is her least favorite thing to do?

K: Talk

A: Fun things like playing games on my iPad

15.  What is the most important thing she has taught you?

K: Manners

A: To talk to other people and say Hi!


Most of the answers they gave made me feel that I am doing something right as their momma!! Some of the responses definitely made me laugh out loud! Then there were a few answers that made me realize how much they are actually watching me, observing my actions and reactions…which is scary…but at the same time so beautiful.

Until next time,




3 thoughts on “15 Questions about Momma”

  1. I love little lists like this. My oldest is two, but this is definitely something I’ll do with her once she’s old enough. Your kids are hilarious!


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