Adventure Time @ South Carolina Aquarium


Hey there my fellow mommas!

It has been a while since I have been able to dedicate some real time to our blog. In my defense mommin’ really aint easy…life has been sort of a rollercoaster trying to juggle everything. I, personally, despise rollercoasters. I mean, why would any sane person put their life in that kind of jeopardy LOL. Well that is what the last few months have been like trying to adjust to our new “life” and I’m constantly questioning the reasons I said yes to this crazy journey. Besides the craziness, the girls and I have been up to some good things. We have since relocated “temporarily” to Charleston, SC. I have been busy with my studies and the girls have enrolled in school and gymnastics to pass the time. Being in Charleston is bitter sweet, with most days more bitter than sweet. My dear friend, Jo, told me to make a bucket list and be tourists in our home town. She’s brilliant! In spite of my sour attitude towards being here, there are so many activities to check off the list that I never had the chance to enjoy as a kid.

So first up on the list was the South Carolina Aquarium located in Downtown Charleston. I have no idea why no one ever took me here when I was younger, this place is amazing! The girls had a wonderful time doing all the various activities while getting close and personal with all of the sea life animals. We were there on a Sunday afternoon, a few hours from closing, leaving the aquarium empty and perfect for exploring! There were so many interesting sea creatures! Jellyfish, stingrays, sharks, and even Bald Eagles to name a few. The highlight of the outing would have to be the sea turtles and the Sea Turtle Care Center. At the Care Center, seven different species of sea turtles that are found stranded or injured are welcomed in to receive treatment in hopes of rehabbing back to full health. The girls were able to provide aid to sea turtles in need, interactively, using the touch screens in the Care Center. Stations were set up to show what processes and tests the endangered turtles go through during their stay with the Care Center.

As we wrapped up our visit, there was a perfect photo opportunity to capture the beautiful Ravenel Bridge that spans across the Cooper River. All in all, we enjoyed our outing and can’t wait to see what else Charleston has in store for us!

If you want to check out more info on the Sea Turtle Care Center, here is the link to the website: 

Feeling generous? The center even has a Sea Turtle Rescue Program Amazon Wish List to allow supporters the opportunity to buy fun, but essential items necessary for the continued success of this center!

See how much fun we had during this adventure below!


6 thoughts on “Adventure Time @ South Carolina Aquarium”

  1. Super sweet. Charleston is beautiful! I’ve never been but this post makes me want to go! I love that you even included a link for people that want to donate to the center. Love it!♥


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