Our Visit to Buckingham Palace


If you were turning 6 and lived in England you’d celebrate your birthday at the Buckingham Palace…right?? Well that is where Kayla decided to bring in her birthday. I mean who wouldn’t want to visit this place. The pictures on the internet were fascinating and the stories that I have heard over the years were intriguing. So, Dad and I made it happen. She and Addy got to have a first look into palace life and affairs of the royals.

We did a full tour of Buckingham Palace and the State Rooms. The entire palace was decorated with beautiful paintings, furniture, and treasures from the Royal Collection. Each State Room has individual uses. Through our tour we were able to walk through State Rooms and visualize what a potential event would look like. It felt very surreal to walk around where dignitaries such as George IV once inhabited. Oblivious to this, the girls walked around excitingly looking at “all the gold and statues” of the palace.

We enjoyed being able to see the changing of the palace guards as we had our picnic on the lawn. This may have been my favorite part of the entire experience. Only ever hearing about it was nothing compared to being able to see it in person. It was a pleasure to be able to help them experience something that many people in our lifetime may never get to experience.

The end of the tour took us to the kid friendly room were the girls were able to learn more about the Queen and engage in some fun activities. I am sure that the best part for them was playing dress up in royal clothing! They were absolutely adorable in it too! It is going to be nice to look back on this adventure and fun pictures we took at the Palace. Before we leave the U.K. a few more trips are definitely in order.


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