Mommy Makeup Session with Martiya Ray Artistry

There are so many TALENTED military spouses out there and I had the pleasure of meeting a genuine one. She goes by Martiya of Martiya Ray Artistry. Martiya is an International Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Advisor with a working profile that includes clients in the United States as well as abroad. Michigan, North Dakota, New Mexico, Japan, and England are a few places where Martiya has worked her magic! With a humble and lovable spirit, she continues to make amazing strides in her career while being a military wife and mom to three precious babes. Some of her services include one-on-one makeup instruction, full makeup application, hair styling, and even male grooming. To add to ALL OF THAT, Martiya has Powder and Prosecco. Powder and Prosecco is a makeup education branch of her artistry company. Under this branch, Martiya creates lively discussions surrounding beauty questions while guests enjoy an elegant evening with Prosecco, sweets, and small bites.

 I was able to book with Martiya Ray Artistry for a personal one-on-one makeup session. I am in no way a beauty nerd or makeup junkie so I had a sort of fear against the use of makeup. I dabbled a little here and there, picking up products that looked important for a twenty-somethin’. (LOL) Over time I had built up a mini collection and still had NO IDEA what to use or even where to begin. I randomly applied eye shadows and lipstick, staying away from bright or bold colors because neutrals were always safe. If I had a night outing I’d spice up life with lots of mascara! People told me to check out YOUTUBE… but those videos rarely had products that I had sitting in front of me. Plus, I am a visual/kinesthetic learner, so when I began to see Martiya’s beautiful work I was excited for the chance to book my personal session.

As a mom it is sometimes a challenge to get some true “me” time in. Martiya was a such a blessing! She booked around our homeschooling schedule and came out to my home to complete my instruction session. The girls hung out in the living room while Martiya and I headed to the kitchen. The session began as Martiya went through my stash, providing insight on what I had in stock. The session was 90 minutes long but we got to chatting and it was about 3 hours before we said our goodbyes! I was happy to support her dreams and she gave me an amazing session full of knowledge and fun. One thing that made me LOVE this session was that she made me do my own application! I was grateful as she could gauge my skill level and advise me while sitting in the chair right next to me! She helped me to understand so much about the basics of skin care, makeup, application, and the beauty world. I was provided details for how to take care of my skin type and appropriate products to use. I am still in awe of her knowledge and skill level, making every penny (or pence) worth it! Professional and classy are some words to describe Martiya and Martiya Ray Artistry. Thank you Martiya for removing the fear of makeup and teaching this momma how to achieve a fresh, glowing face in the midst of the hustle of motherhood!

Check out Martiya and her beautiful work!  

Website –

Insta – @martiyaray

FB – Martiya Ray Artistry

Check out some pictures from our session:


5 thoughts on “Mommy Makeup Session with Martiya Ray Artistry”

  1. Loving the makeup look. It’s true that as a mama sometimes looking good and doing nice things for yourself is not in the list of priorities. Well done for taking the leap x


  2. Oh my, I need someone like this in my life! She sounds amazing and I definitely need help with my make-up and skincare. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience.


  3. It’s so hard to get some “me time” in as a mom, and it’s really so important!! You look amazing!! You’re already so beautiful ❤️


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