5 Tips to Gain Mommy Sanity

The thought of motherhood for most can be exciting, for others it can be daunting. Unfortunately, I was on the latter on the spectrum. I had these two small, darling kids waiting on me to “Mother” them. Whatever that means?! It occurred to me that I truly had no idea what I was supposed to be doing but I just started doing it anyways. Minutes became hours, hours became days, and then here we are years later. Maybe it was that natural instinct that I heard people talk about. You know the motherly instinct that all women are supposedly born with… yeah…no. I am convinced that it was God’s grace that got me through the last 7 years of life as a Momma. Many times, I have shut myself inside a bathroom or blasted a song in my headphones just to find an escape from the craziness that being a mother entailed. As Mommas it is important to find our peace in the midst of life’s chaos. If that means allowing the kids to wreak havoc for a few hours while you steal away a few minutes of solace for a tea or coffee, so be it.

In this season, having a 7 and 4 year old, it seems that life can be a little more structured. Here are some tips that I have found to help me be the best momma for the girls each day:

1.       Wake up early

Coming from someone who can easily sleep in until 11 o’clock AM. I set 3 alarms that go off Monday through Saturday without fail. 5:05AM for me to wake up and attempt to make a move, 5:15AM for me to really get up and get myself showered, and 5:45AM for me to head downstairs for my morning routine.

2.       Be Intentional

This, to me, is what makes or breaks the day. If I am not intentional about being the best me every single day the trickle effect happens. My girls truly feed off of my energy and a beautiful day can turn into one of the worst quickly. Choosing joy instead of defeat is the greatest thing that I can do for all of us.

3.       Plan

As I love planning and crafting, this is a no-brainer for me. My planner is my whole life. It is where I can look and see what is happening today, tomorrow, and even next month. Plan your day, even if it is only for a part of the day. I promise you it will make your day so much more productive, while making you a happier momma.

4.       Be flexible

This was tough for me. I am a control-freak. I need things to go exactly as planned. I am learning that planning in flexibility in my daily schedule helps ease my mind. Allowing the girls to throw a wrench in the day’s schedule to do what they are in the mood for has also proven to be challenging but it opens the door for special bonding time.

5.       Hear them Out

My 7 year old wakes up every day with a story on her heart. She exudes passion with every topic she speaks on. It is truly amazing to watch her LOVE. I strive to dedicate times during the day where I give her my undivided attention. Allowing her about 20 minutes to ramble has proven to be beneficial to the both of us daily. She has presented her thoughts and it gives us space to focus on the tasks that we need to accomplish with school and home. Giving our kids time to talk to us presents a safe space where they always feel heard.

Most of my journey through motherhood has been a whirlwind of a blur but the sweet moments that we now share are definitely ones I will cherish forever.


Please leave a comment with any tips that have worked for helping YOU to become your best self for your kiddos!


14 thoughts on “5 Tips to Gain Mommy Sanity”

  1. I love this advice! My girls are 2.5 and 8 months and I easily find myself feeling worn out. Waking up early (or staying up late) is a great way to fit in some uninterrupted Mommy time!


    1. You are so right, Tasheena. Burn out is real! I will admit that I stay up late most nights because a quiet house is so PEACEFUL. Thanks for commenting!


    1. Planning is easier said than done, but in the end it’s essential to getting things done. Trust me, some days the snooze WINS. LOL, one step at a time!


  2. I love these tips! I too was on the nervous end of being a mom, somehow we manage. I love number 2! I totally need to apply all of these, I’ve fallen off track, great reminders thanks!


  3. Omg. 1, 2, and 5! I’ve really had to learn how to be intention cause my kids feed off my energy! And to also be flexible cause things don’t always go as planned because if I don’t, my anxiety will take over! And that’s not good for me or the bubba’s


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